Secrets and Sins

End of Days
Episode 0

Following a lead of an impending alliance between Maggia and AIM, Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher stalked Times Square on New Years Eve, 2010.

Approached by Nick Fury directly, former SHIELD agents Winter Soldier and Hawkeye looked to bring in Castle, to presumably answer for his crimes as the world’s most successful serial killer.

At center stage, Captain America addressed the nation from the heart of Times Square, even taking the time congratulate and acknowledge America’s fighting forces. Watching him from the crowd was fellow Avenger, Wolverine.

Finally, his purposes his own, the deadly Taskmaster silently drifted through the crowd.

Spotting, his target Punisher moved in but stopped short as the AIM agent bent down to reveal a portable satellite dish. Castle moved in for the kill but found the ‘man’ to be a smoking deactivated organic android. Fearing a bomb, Punisher, joined by Wolverine, cut into the circuits exposing a heavy sphere of unknown purpose.

At precisely midnight, the sky lit up with the arrival of Tony Stark, the invincible Iron Man, unscheduled but not unheralded. Simultaneously, two SHIELD Helicarriers filled the space above the Square. Seconds later, six NYPD security revealed themselves as armoured, android terrors and were met by the fierce fury of Captain America.

Facing multiple foes, Cap fought bravely and was soon joined by his former ward, the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye, who descended from their hidden nests to the center of Times Square to fight alongside the Star-Spangled Avenger. Working together, the three quickly subdued their foes.

Seconds later, a SHIELD transport dropped a large container before slamming into a nearby building. The Square erupted into chaos, as the container broken open to reveal three long forgotten automatons: The Awesome Android, the silent Kree Sentry 459 and AIM’s greatest creation, the Cosmic Cube fuelled SuperAdaptoid!

The real battle now commenced…


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