The Winter Soldier

Former Assassin



F: IN 40
A: IN 40
S: EX 20 (RM 30)
E: RM 30
R: GD 10
I: RM 30
P: EX 20

H: 130
K: 60

Name: James Buchanan Barnes

Occupation: adventurer, Army mascot

Legal Status: American citizen with a criminal record, legally deceased (again, for the moment)

Marital Status: single

Group Affiliation: former member of the New Avengers, former member of the Invaders, former Kid Commando, former Crazy Sue, former member of the Young Allies

Height: 5’ 9"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: brown
Weight: 260 lbs.


Infinity Formula: Thanks to Nick Fury and his Infinity Formula, Bucky’s longevity and his aging process has been enhanced. But without repeat exposure he will begin to age normally overtime.

Bionic Arm: having lost his arm in the World War II incident that put both himself and Captain America ‘on ice’, James was rebuilt with Soviet science, which was later upgraded with top of the line SHIELD hardware. Material strength of Amazing (50)

Superhuman Strength: Superhuman strength in bionic arm.

Enhanced Reaction Time: arm’s reaction time is greater than that of any Olympic athlete (IN 40)

Sensory Array: The arm houses different sensors which allow him to pass through security such as metal detectors without setting them off. It can also shield other metallic objects from detection such as firearms and knives.

Extended Reach: control bionic arm even if it has been removed from his body (possibly by cybernetic implants), or his arm can be programmed to perform certain actions on its own while removed from his body. Remarkable (30) rank, allowing James to control this artificial limb anywhere within eight areas of his person, though he performs remote actions at a -2 CS.

Electrical Discharge: He can discharge bolts of electrical energy from his arm’s palm. Primarily used to knock others unconscious instead of kill them outright, functions at Excellent (20) rank, inflicting Stunning Energy damage.

EMP: He can discharge an EMP rendering electronic devices useless. Monstrous (75) ability, knocking out all electronics within forty areas. See weakness below.

Disguise: the artificial arm can project a holographic image hat makes it look like it is made from flesh, doing so with Good (10) ability.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: Poor (4): as a cyborg, James is subject to implant psychosis. Under duress, he must pass a Psyche FEAT roll against his IPS, or will suffer from extreme mental instability for a time – usually until he next falls unconscious. This instability can take almost any form, really, most likely a flashback. When experiencing implant psychosis, James must pass a Psyche FEAT roll at -4 CS lest he do something he regrets.

Electromagnetic pulse: possibly render bionic arm useless.


Body Armor: woven from a blend of Kevlar and Nomex fabrics. Provides Typical (6), defense against physical, energy and chemical attacks.

Selective Ammunition: uses various types of specialized ammunition capable of penetrating fabric of the thickness & composition of AIM uniforms

Colt M1911A1: Typical (6) Shooting damage, +1 CS in a semi-auto burst.

Knives: Incredible (40) materials, knives cut through objects of like material strength or inflict Edged Attack damage in melee (26 damage)

Rifles: Sniper rifles, Good (10) Shooting damage single shot, scope for a +1 CS to hit in ambush, Automatics rifles: single, semi-auto burst, fully automatic.

Shaped Charges: James carried several small, disc-like explosives. These 3 inch diameter, half inch thick discs can attach to metal objects with Good (10) strength, and explode to inflict Incredible (40) Edged Attack damage.

Indian motorcycle


Acrobatics, Driving, Guns, Languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish), Manipulation ( 1 CS to all Popularity FEAT rolls), Martial Arts A, B, and E, Military, Resist Domination (1 CS), Shields( green Fighting FEAT; absorb attacks, Survival, Thrown Weapons, Tumbling.

Other Talents: Advanced Scout (stealth and concealment), Expert Spy: skilled in stealth, demolitions, survival, deducing other persons ways of thinking.

Expert Assassin: Possibly the most lethal assassin in the Marvel universe. Mastered and implemented several methods to silently eliminate sentries with bladed weapons, garrotes or his bare hands; master at stealth and tracking.


During World War II. During this time, he gained innumerable contacts in heroic circles including his fellow Invaders, the Liberty Legion, the Kid Commandos, and the Young Allies. He also had several Army contacts he can rely on.

Espionage, Captain America, Black Widow, Nick Fury.

A true hero at heart, James is horrified by the things he was forced to do by the Soviets. This has tempered his former, upbeat sensibilities, but he’s come to terms with his past somewhat, having made great pains to rectify much of the chaos he caused while brainwashed.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: James has a chromed out artificial left arm, adorned with a red star on the tricep.


James Buchanan Barnes was born in 1927 to a military family.

His mother died at a very early age, while his father was killed in an accident during his basic training. James was then separated from his sister and became a ward of the state, and remained on at Camp LeHigh as something of a base mascot.

In this curious ‘home’ environment, James picked up a variety of skills, both savory and otherwise, that would prove to serve him well in the future. A consummate con man, James had a tendency to help his friends get non-requisition supplies, or swindle others out of the same.

One night he discovered his friend, Steve Rogers donning the uniform of Captain America, rumors of which had been circulating around the area of late. Half blackmailing and half sweet-talking Rogers, James got the man to agree to let him be his ‘partner in crime’.

Once this arrangement had been reached, James received lots of formal training, not just the sort of slap-dash ‘jack of all trades’ business he’d been collecting over the last few years. Properly skilled in military combat and intelligence techniques, James became very dangerous.

This skill set proved more than useful as Captain America’s partner, and the duo inflicted a serious amount of damage to the forces of Evil – whether they were Nazis or independent – for quite some time. While Cap was the duo’s ‘public face’, James took care of various ‘wet works’.

An efficient trouble shooter (and trouble maker), James was proficient enough in battle that Captain America brought him along when he joined up with Namor, the Human Torch and Toro to form the Invaders, a group of super-humans dedicated to stamping out the Nazi scourge.

This wasn’t James’ only team, though. A member of the Young Allies and the Kid Commandos, James was a driving force in both of these groups, and he even formed the Liberty Legion when the Invaders were captured and mind controlled by the Red Skull once.

Throughout the war, James facilitated missions for either Captain America alone, the Invaders as a whole, and even other heroes now and then. And this was just fine with James, as he had no problem getting his hands dirty in order to stymie Nazis and their co-conspirators.

Things changed in early 1945, however, when James and Steve had to act fast to prevent Baron Zemo from attacking America with a stolen drone, one armed with an explosive device. Catching up with it as it launched on their motorcycles, the duo attempted to disarm it while in flight.

This did not go well, and the drone plane exploded over the Arctic Circle. While Captain America was put in suspended animation thanks to his super soldier serum, James was killed by the extreme cold – not to mention blood loss caused by the loss of his arm in the explosion above.

While he was in fact deceased, James’ story didn’t end. This is because his body was recovered by Vasily Karpov’s submarine, and taken to Soviet authorities shortly thereafter. They then resuscitated James’ body, though he suffered severe brain damage from his ordeal.

Inspecting James’ body, the Soviets couldn’t find any trace of the Super Soldier Serum in his body, so they simply put him on ice for a time. Though James couldn’t remember his former life, he still retained most of his reflexive skills. As such, the Soviets decided to use him.

Subjecting him to intense brainwashing, the Soviets turned James into a potent assassin for the KGB, made even more dangerous with the cybernetic arm he’d been given to replace the limb he’d lost back in ’45. And James was frighteningly good at the task he was given.

Placed in stasis when not needed, as he was beginning to recall his past life despite his conditioning, James was eventually forgotten when Kaprov died, only to be found decades later by Kaprov’s protege, General Alexander Lukin, who went rogue when the USSR fell.

Knowing that the Red Skull possessed the Cosmic Cube, Lukin reactivated James and sent him after the villain. James killed the Skull and seized the Cube, and continued on in Lukin’s service until his true identity was discovered by Captain America himself.

Eventually gaining control of the Cube, Captain America used it to restore James’ memories in full, at which point he was immediately overcome with grief and remorse regarding his many heinous actions under Soviets control. Turning against Lukin, James then went underground.

After a few conflicts with other super humans, James resurfaced as the right hand of Nick Fury, who himself was in hiding after involvement in some ‘Secret War’ that he had engineered. Since Fury himself was on the outs with SHIELD at the moment, this was rather ‘unofficial’.

All of this changed, however, with Captain America’s seeming death. When his former partner was assassinated after the super hero Civil War, James became bent on bringing the true killer to justice. As such, he sought out the Red Skull, knowing that villain was behind it all.

At the same time, he blamed Tony Stark for Steve’s demise, and had a special place on his ‘list’ for the man as well. When SHIELD captured him in the wake of his latest operation against the Skull, James broke out and went after Stark on his own heli-carrier, and the two had quite a fight.

Though he seemed ready to kill the man, James nonetheless listened to reason when the man mentioned a letter he’d received from Captain America after his death, a ‘just in case’ kind of thing. Reading it, he and Tony started discussing the future, and the Captain’s legacy.

Discovering that Steve wanted him to assume his role in the event that he died, James reluctantly agreed to do so, and designed an all new uniform with Tony’s help. While he could live with honoring Steve and his role, James was completely unwilling to wear his costume.

Assuming his partner’s old identity, James began to unravel the Red Skull’s plot to destroy America, and ultimately managed to defeat that villain with the aid of the Falcon, the Black Widow, and Agent 13 (fighting her own brainwashing all the while).

With his minions scattered and the Red Skull himself seemingly dead (though his mind had been transferred into one of Zola’s robots), James grew more comfortable in the role of Captain America, and began to act more publicly once people realized that Captain America was back.

James eventually joined up with the Avengers, though he opted not to lead them. And in time, when Steve proved he wasn’t dead so much as lost in time (or something), he stayed on as Captain America – at least, until he was himself seemingly killed by the Red Skull’s daughter, Sin.

This proved to be something of a blessing in disguise, for James’ dark history had been made public by his enemies, who were waging something of a public relations battle against him. But, with everyone thinking he was dead, James was free to clean up his messes under the radar.

Resuming his Winter Soldier identity on his own terms, James has done his best to sort out his past, with the help of the Black Widow – who he has had an on again, off again relationship with over the years. And so far, he’s made great progress in this work.

The Winter Soldier

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