The Punisher



Fighting: Amazing (50)
Agility: Excellent (20)
Strength: Good (10)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reason: Typical (6)
Intuition: Excellent (20)
Psyche: Typical (6)
Health: Unearthly (100)
Karma: Remarkable (32)
Popularity: Typical (7)
Resources: Poor (4)

Real Name: Frank Castle
Aliases/Nicks: The Punisher, Frank Castle, Mr. Smith, Army Of One, Deadly Knight, The Vengeful Killer, Big Nothing, The Widowmaker, Vigilante, The Mob Butcher, The Specialised Assasin, Death’s Deadliest Servant, Major Bateman, Ted Bishop, Cliff Callador, Castigo, Chaloner, Fred D’Amato, Eastman, Charles Fort, Frank Loomis, McRook, Melchior, Joe Rainey, Frank Rook, Richard Rook, Tony Knowlen Ross, Francis Stronghold, Johnny Tower, Dmitri Velikoff, Frankie Villa, Yousoufian; numerous others.

Class: Anti-Hero Identity: Publicly Known
Age: Adult Gender: Male Height: 6 ft. 1 in. Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair/Fur: Black Eyes: Blue
Physical Form: Human (Normal) Race: Caucasian (Human)
Marital Status: Widowed Citizenship: Citizen of the United States, with a criminal record, U.S.M.C records list him as a deserter.

Place of Birth: Queens, New York Base of Operations: Mobile, Usually New York.
Education: High School Graduate, Catholic Priesthood Seminary Training (Unfinished), Extensive Military Training: United States Marine Corps (USMC), Infantry School. USMC’s Reconnaissance, Force Reconnaissance, Sniper School, U.S. Army Airborne School, and U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team Training (Navy SEAL). Occupation: Vigilante; former Special Forces instructor, U.S. Marine.

Origin of Powers: Frank Castle became a Vigilante after seeing his wife and children gunned down for accidentally observing a Mafia “hit”. Since then he has devoted his life to the task of destroying organized crime wherever he finds it as The Punisher. Group Affiliation: None; formerly Code Red, Secret Avengers, Daredevil’s Unnamed Super-Hero Team, Green Berets, U.S. Marine Corps.

Known Relatives
Father: Mario Lorenzo Castiglione (father, deceased) Mother: Louisa Castiglione (mother, deceased)

Siblings: Micheal Castliglione (Brother deceased, stillborn) Children: Lisa Barbara Castle (daughter, deceased), Frank David Castle (a.k.a. Frank Jr., son, deceased).

Additional Information
Maria Elizabeth Castle (wife, deceased), Lisa Barbara Castle (daughter, deceased), Frank David Castle (a.k.a. Frank Jr., son, deceased), Mario Lorenzo Castiglione (father, deceased), Louisa Castiglione (mother, deceased), Fredo and Rocco Castiglione (paternal uncles, deceased), Esmerelda Castiglione (Aunt, deceased), Michael Castiglione (Brother, stillborn, deceased).

Martial Arts A,B,C,D, and E, Weapons Specialist: Guns, Marksman, Weapons Master, Thrown Objects, Sharp Weapons, Wrestling, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Military, Detective/Espionage, Intimidation/Interrogation, Demolitions, Crime, Resist Domination, Stealth, Blending, Pilot, Survival, Strategist/Tactician, Armour (weapons repair & modification), Mechanic.

Physical Features
Gunshot, knife and shrapnel scars distributed over most of his body.

The Punisher’s one man war on criminals has come to dominate his every thought and emotion. He kills with no remorse, no regrets, and no mercy. He sees the judicial system and law enforcement as being weak, they regard him as a sociopath, a mass murderer, and a danger to society. Of course criminals treat him with utter disdain, and react to him with fear. He will kill any one he believes is guilty of a crime, hence he tends to kill rather than capture.

Castle is a man who has allowed himself to be consumed by his dark side. He is dominated by his desire to kill, and his every thought and deed is dedicated to a universal idea of vengeance. He has dedicated himself to the idea of a personal war, one that he’ll never have to stop fighting. There is no hope for him, no redemption at the end of his long and bloody road, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He is a vengeful force of nature, A man dead to the world, deaths deadliest servant. A Killer Born….Frank Castle is The Punisher!


  • Kevlar Body Armor: Good vs. Physical, Shooting & Edge.
  • Gerber MK II combat knife: Good Edged damage.
  • Colt .45 pistol (x2): Damage 5 points , Range 3 areas, Rounds 10.
  • Smith and Wesson .375 Revolver: Damage 6 points, Range 3 areas, Rounds 6.
  • Browning 9mm pistol: Damage 4 points, Range 3 areas, Rounds 14.
  • Sterling MK 6 Submachine Gun: Damage 5 points (Damage 25 points for burst), Range 5 areas, Rounds 34.
  • M16 Assault Rifle: Damage 10 points, Range 7 areas, Rounds 10.
  • Browning Autorifle: Damage 10 points, Range 5 areas, Rounds 14.
  • .223 Derringer: Damage 4 points, Range 2 areas, Rounds 4.
  • Grenades: All types (See Weapons Locker for damage and various types).
  • Any of the firearms can be loaded with conventional ammo and specialized ammunition.

Battle Van

Control Speed Body Protection
Remarkable Remarkable Amazing Amazing




Born in New York to parents of Italian ancestory, Francis Castiglione is a former U.S. Marine Captain. Before Frank joined the Marines, he was studying to become a Catholic priest but changed his mind because he was unable to forgive those who did evil. Also prior to his enlistment, he married his wife Maria who was already pregnant with their first child. During his time in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), Castle graduated from Basic Training, then went on to Infantry School. Immediately following that, he went through the USMC’s Reconnaissance, Force Reconnaissance, and Sniper Schools. Attaining dockets, Castle was permitted to go through U.S. Army Airborne School, and U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team training, becoming qualified as a Navy SEAL (Sea, Air and Land). He served in the Vietnam War in a special forces unit as a point man. For heroism in the line of duty, he was decorated with numerous medals, inlcuding the Purple Heart.

Shortly after a tour in Vietnam, Castle, his wife, Maria and their children were in New York’s Central Park for an afternoon picnic when they witnessed a Mafia gangland execution. Seeking to eliminate all witnesses, the Costa crime family murdered them on the spot. However, Castle survived. Even though Frank was able to identify all of the shooters the police were unable to help Castle in his quest for justice; they were tied in too deeply to the powerful Costa family. He decided that the only punishment criminals might receive is that of physical destruction. Shortly thereafter, he emblazoned his body armor with a symbol of a death’s head, and exacted his revenge. Since then he has waged a one-man war upon crime, taking the name Punisher.

The Punisher

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